How To Be A Mind Reader

Want Superpowers?

Want to improve the relationship between you and your dog?

Learn canine body language.

a dog stares out of the window looking very sad

Remember in the film The Matrix when Neo takes the blue pill? Understanding how your dog sees and understands the world is exactly like that. You cannot “unsee” your dog’s (and other dog’s) ability to communicate once you have learned.

In my opinion, understanding how to communicate and read your dog is one of the basic foundation skills to being a good pet parent. After all, if you were living in a group of foreign language speaking humans, you would make every effort to try and communicate with them.

The great thing about understanding dog body language is that we can understand what our dog is telling us at any given moment. Are they ok? Are they scared? Are they nervous? Is that dog approaching friendly? etc.

This is even more important when you have a reactive or nervous dog. Making sure your dog is doing ok in a situation is one of the most basic things we can do in order to look after them.

The great news is that there is a plethorea of canine body language books, courses and literature that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I highly recommend the @bravodogtraining free course, the amazing Doggy Language book by @lilita_yaya and the incredible free resources available by the late Dr Sophia Yin.

Do you have any other resources you would recommend?