Free XL Bully Training

Like so many other colleagues, I am disgusted and mortified by the recent news in the U.K. to ban XL Bully dogs.
Over the past 19 years, we have trained so many XL Bully, XL Bully mixes, and they are INCREDIBLE dogs. They are smart, affectionate and very very trainable. Like any breed, they of course have the ability to bite, but those few who will use their dog as a legalised weapon will not be swayed by a ban anyway. Bans don’t work and only punish good dogs and good people.

So with that said, we have extended our free MUZZLE TRAINING and BASIC TRAINING to not only pitbull owners, but also XL bully owners to.
Please don’t forget that we are still continuing our free e-collar armistice where you surrender your electronic collar in exchange for us showing you that there is another way to train your dog.

These are FREE resources for all. Send us a DM