Board Training

This is an excellent opportunity for the busy professional or the vacationer. We will work, one on one with your dog in a home environment during the period of your absence (5 day minimum). Your dog will return to you with a good foundation for new behaviours (or behaviour modification), and you will be kept updated during your pets entire stay. We are confident that this option will enhance your relationship with your pet.


Your Goals and the development of your dog as a happy companion, are always our objectives. You can achieve both of these by arranging “Board and Train” with City Sit Stay. We will meet with you, develop and implement a plan of action designed to sniff out the top items that require addressing. Experience shows us that it is best to deal with a maximum of 3 behavioural issues at any given time. Subsequent “Board and Train” sessions can address other issues as our relationship grows and as we progress according to your requirements.

Keep in mind that the duration of your dog’s stay affects how much can be accomplished. In general, the trainer will focus on your top three training priorities. Your dog will enjoy several training sessions throughout the day, walks, play-time with the trainer, and when appropriate, participate in our playgroups.

If your dog has already been house trained and has no problems with quiet time in his crate for a maximum of 4 hours at a time during the day, our fee is £150-£175 per night. As a bonus, the Trainer will reinforce the basic skill set such as sit, stay, down, come when called, loose leash walking and anti-jumping.

If your dog is a puppy (particularly if he is less than 6 months old), and is not yet house trained City Sit Stay will charge a fee of £200+ per night. Close personal attention will be paid to your young dog and the Trainer will introduce your puppy to learning the skills of spending time alone. The Trainer will also undertake training to reduce the barking while alone. He will be introduced to timely and better bladder and bowel control. As is customary, the standard commands, such as sit, stay, down, stand, come when called, leash walking and jumping reduction will be reinforced.

City Sit Stay customizes each Board & Train program to your dog’s individual personality and behavior. All of our four legged friends who Board and Train with us enjoy the company of our Professional Trainers and their days are filled with training sessions, individual or group walks, socialization and play time, pats, hugs, and treats. We limit the number of Board and Train clients to one dog at a time so that individual attention is guaranteed. Of course, visitation is always offered and if you are out of town, photos and videos are just a click away.

Your dog will be treated like our own pet in our house