Puppy Class

This is a must for any City Pup

The Puppy Class is a great way to develop and establish a lasting relationship with your new pup. We guide you weekly through the difficulties of puppyhood, and provide a solid foundation for proper socialization and habituation that will last a lifetime!

Puppy Class begins as early as 8 weeks but should start no later than 5 month of age.

This class includes off lead socialization allowing the puppies to interact with each other in a supervised and safe environment. We discuss how to best handle puppy mouthing, destructive chewing, house training, crate training and leaving your puppy alone. The Puppy Class offers foundation training and covers:


Duration: 6 weekly sessions; 60 minutes per class. (1st Fundamentals Class is online)

Cost:  £220.00 per pup for the 6 week course.

Location: London


Registration must be made in advance