Play Sessions

The importance of Play Sessions

Socialization is so important for your four legged friend and at City Sit Stay, we offer you a number of opportunities for them to release some energy and you to meet other dog owners in a social setting.

Small dogs, under 22 lbs, will be welcomed under the supervision of an experienced Trainer. At these sessions, not only will your pooch meet other four legged friends, but there is also the experience of the Trainer whose sharp eye oversees all and who will help reinforce positive behaviors while giving you the opportunity to discuss any questions about your dog.

Every Sunday 

Puppy play groups, for our little friends up to 6 months of age, offers an outlet for their high energy. This playgroup is a “must do” as it lays the foundation for socialization. All sessions are Trainer supervised. Depending on the personality of the puppies, shy puppies may be given their own group with gradual integration into the general puppy play group.

Every Sunday 

Gentle Reminders: The objective of these sessions is socialization and fun. However, there are some ground rules that must be followed.

Please always listen to the Trainer for instruction and make sure you are paying attention to your dog by limiting cell phone use.

Each session is approx 55 minutes long which allows us enough time to remove leashes, coats, harnesses etc.

Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before the play sessions begins. This gives us the opportunity to ensure that all participants are well prepared for a safe and enjoyable entrance and exit. Please remember to bring your proof of up to date vaccinations. If you are not sure about this requirement, please contact City Sit Stay in advance at so that disappointment is avoided.

To avoid pottying accidents while in play groups, please allow your dog the opportunity to go outside before group play begins. You are also welcome to leave the group at any time to take your pup outside for a relief break.

We do have plenty of potty training pads if your dog is used to going inside also.