Kimberly Freeman is a superb puppy/dog trainer whom I highly recommend. She is knowledgeable, friendly, patient, caring, and she puts her heart is in all that she does, especially when she is working with dogs – and it shows. And equally important. she cares about, and works a great deal with, you.

What I love about Kimberly’s style is that she doesn’t just apply text book theories to her training and work. She considers the puppy/caregivers’/ lifestyle (ie, work/sleep hours, etc.,) in devising a realistic approach and plan that will best work for your family and pup.

We worked with Kimberly in our home, and we also used her fabulous board and train service, from which my puppy (and therefore I) GREATLY benefited.

My puppy suffers from severe separation anxiety and used to have massive meltdowns when I would walk just 3 feet away from her, or when left alone in her crate. After spending a week with Kimberly, there was a MAJOR change and improvement in my puppy’s separation anxiety! During the board and stay, Kimberly sent me pictures and always made herself available to me by phone or text.

Kimberly is THE go-to trainer for your puppy/dog and you can feel 100% comfortable leaving your “baby” for boarding and/or training. I trust Kimberly, her work, and advice. I can’t say enough positive things about Kimberly, her training, and our wonderful experience working with her.
Jessie L
Kimberly was fantastic.

It was a small class and Kimberly guided each dog through at their own pace.

As we had been training for a long time, our dog was ahead of everyone else so we had a lot of separate exercises and were pushed in a different way.

The weekly prizes for tasks completed were really motivating and I loved the graduation cap and certificate when we finished our 6 weeks.

Kimberly was a true dog lover and I really look forward to more advanced classes that we could do with her.
Sarah Jenkins
Thank goodness for Kimberly!

We have a very energetic staffordshire terrier puppy who needs a lot of training. We took the puppy class and have recently done private training and the adolescent/adult class. We have seen such a difference in our puppy. Even people in our building who wouldn’t ride the elevator with us a few months ago now comment on how good she is. While we still have work to do, with Kimberly we know our puppy will grow up to be a well trained dog.
Rebecca Evantash
I have a 4.5 month old terrier mix that is an incredible ball of energy and fun… but was in need of some help learning manners! We recently completed the puppy class with Kimberly, which truly helped. Having an 8.5 year old dog already, I was a bit skeptical about taking a puppy class… what would I really learn? I was completely proven wrong. I learned how to structure and build upon the training in an effective way so that my puppy could learn the basics, install verbal commands on top of gestures and start to learn impulse control. It definitely takes commitment on our part to consistency train her throughout the week, but I can really say that this class helped our easily distracted puppy start to learn how to behave and focus. I think Kimberly was the real key to the success of this class, it’s obvious that she loves dogs and what she does… making a huge difference. We’ll continue to work with her as our puppy gets older and our training needs change.
Julie S
Kimberly was an absolute Godsend. We moved from the country in Santa Fe to the big city and one of our dogs had a meltdown over all the street noise, trucks, people, etc. and refused to go outside. Â Thanks to Kimberly she is doing amazing and we were able to help her with her fears and get both dogs on track with being better behaved “city dogs”. We still have a little ways to go (stubborn terriers) but they both have turned into such great pets and they are enjoying their new life here. Kimberly has such a great positive attitude, great training techniques and is a pleasure to be around. We look forward to continuing to work with her.
Julien M
Hi Kim,

I wanted to thank you once more for helping us with Bijou during your puppy class, we really appreciate it! We weren’t sure if puppy classes were the right move for us considering it’s not our first puppy, but you certainly proved that this was the right decision. We’ve learned so much, and will continue to build on the basics that you taught us. All the best,
Julie H
Dear Kimberly,

Jasper wanted to send you a note to thank for your adolescent obedience class. He LOVED it and so did we! He enjoyed it so much that he was flying upstairs every time, eager to start and learn. (The abundance of treats helped too, of course. :))

I’m delighted to say that Mike & I can now enjoy our dinner (even at our very low coffee table!) while Jasper is quietly sitting at our feet without any attempt to get to our food. Need I say more? 🙂

The “graduation” was awesome, how sweet of you to have sourced a little cap! Thank you so much for everything you have done. We are hoping to learn from you again!

Best wishes,
Jasper, Noemi & Mike
We took a puppy class for 6 weeks this fall which was taught by Kimberly Freeman. Over the six week class, our puppy (a miniature poodle) learned many new commands and behaviors, including impulse control, “sit,” “down,” “stand,” and many more. Also, our puppy really wasn’t housebroken when class started and Kimberly taught us how to properly crate train him. Her teaching style was very effective: she would teach us something new, use one of the puppies to demonstrate, and then all of the owners/puppies would practice as she walked around the room giving feedback. We even had weekly homework that reinforced what Kimberly taught us in class. When he graduated after six weeks, our puppy was much more well behaved and disciplined. We look forward to taking the adolescent class this Spring, with Kimberly of course! Highly recommend.
Rachel S
Our dog Ruby needed some training and, let’s face it, so did we. We met a Trainer called Kimberly. She was amazing. She did a great job teaching all three of us. The class was small enough where each puppy had Kimberly’s undivided attention. She was wonderful with all of the dogs and you can tell she truly loves what she does. After class there was puppy socialization time. The best thing for a puppy after an hour of training. Ruby made a whole bunch of new friends and looked forward to training every week knowing there was playtime afterwards. Kimberly’s supervision, making sure all the puppies played well together, was superb. If you want your puppy trained and socialized, introduce her to Kimberly. You won’t be sorry. And even though Ruby has finished her training, we still make the trip to see Kimberly so Ruby can play with her new found friends. Thank you Kimberly. A big ‘woof’ to you from Ruby.
Amy E
OMG I would be in such trouble if it weren’t for Kimberly. She has helped me with not only one but two dogs. Little did we know the rules were different for each dog. Her patience with us and our puppies led us to have 2 wonderful puppies who are very eel trained!

Thanks so much kim!!!!
Justin Esgar