We all love that we live in wonderful New York but it’s not always a dogs world!! To be certain that your family has an all round good experience and to ensure that your “buddy” enjoys the New York experience as much as you do, we invite you to participate in our additional services. This is where you can get involved and keep up to date on upcoming events, seminars and special workshops

Unique Classes.

Are you and your dog interested in fly ball? Want your pooch to master parkour in our agility class? Find your keys in a search class or bring that pigeon back for you in the park?

Throughout the year, City Sit Stay offers unique and fun training classes and workshops to continue stretching Fido’s learning muscles but also to break up the monotony of your daily training routine.

Let us know if you are interested in any events in particular and we will let you know when the next workshop is. by subscribing to our events newsletter (click the subscribe button)

Should your dog need to be prepared for an upcoming event such as the arrival of a new family member, the addition of a new pet or lifestyle change, City Sit Stay offers you special one on one consultations and private instruction either at our facility or in the privacy of your own home. Simply contact us with your concern and we will be pleased to arrange a personalized schedule geared to meet your concerns and together, resolve those issues which must be addressed.

Information events. The best way to keep you informed of events concerning you and your pet is to receive information from the professionals. City Sit Stay is proud to be part of New York’s professional scene by bringing you presentations and discussions by veterinarians as well as certified experts. In these sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask your most pressing question and resolve some of those nagging issues. One of the most dynamic and enjoyable events is the breed specific presentation which offers an excellent opportunity for socialisation and get togethers, not to mention the enjoyment of being a dog owner in New York.

Socialization get togethers. As your puppy grows into his personality or as your fully grown dog absorbs his training, socialisation becomes more and more important to him. Your pet, like us, enjoys having a circle of friends. We encourage this activity and arrange regular socialisation get togethers and specific playgroups.  This is an excellent opportunity to play games and use that boundless energy constructively. Pets are always supervised by our professionals and are segregated into appropriate groups , based on energy level, size and requirements of your pet.

Meet up and walk groups. City Sit Stay’s philosophy which includes positive reinforcement by good training also uses Information events and Socialisation get togethers to encourage and arrange “Meet Up” and walk groups. These are tremendous vehicles for getting to know your neighbourhood while strengthening the bond between you and your pet. It is also a great method for meeting friends of like mind.

Presentations- specifically dealing with aggression. Sometimes, our pets may develop aggressive behaviours which may be as a result of a specific issue, a combination of stresses to the dog or very often aggression may sometimes come hand in hand with a new distressed dog. At City Sit Stay, we pay particular attention to this aspect of a dog’s life. After all, the result will be a happy home and a contented and loyal friend. Presentations and special sessions are arranged to address all aspects of aggression and one on one training is most effective until the dog is ready for socialization

First Aid Class

Emergencies are events that we think very little about but they do occur more often than most are aware of. Preparing in advance is always best and City Sit Stay offers you an opportunity to be fully prepared should you need to react  during an emergency with your pet. We offer you a complete training on recognizing when a medical emergency is taking place regarding your pet. You will be guided through the steps to comfort your pet, the decisions to be made and how best to transport your pet quickly and comfortably and safely to a veterinary hospital or emergency facility.

A basic course in first aid will also lead to effective health care for your pet.