BS Training Myth

Honestly, I don’t know where this advice comes from. But I need you to know that it’s not true.

Your dog is not sitting there secretly plotting to take over the world, waiting for you to slip up and feed it a treat first so that it’s quest for world domination can be complete!! That’s a cats job!!

It really makes no difference in which order you and your canine pal eat. In fact, sometimes having a shared snack can be a great bonding and trust experience while out on a walk or new adventure. @stevemanndogtrainer even recommends a “rucksack walk” as a great way of “being and bonding” with your dog.

I also don’t eat at regular times and if my poor pups had to wait for me to have finish a meal before they had any food, they wouldn’t be eating until gone midnight.

Please don’t follow advice from charlatans online- it can be extremely damaging.

Have you ever heard anyone say this before?