Did you know that 5% of owners actually train their dogs?

Did you know that 5% of owners actually train their dogs?
Scary right?

Our jobs as dog care givers can get so overwhelming at times. Is our dog ok in this situation? Are they relaxed? What are the rules for public transport? Are they well behaved enough in this cafe/restaurant/bar? Is that an appropriate greeting?
It’s constant.

Add to that, we need to be watching out for everyone else’s dogs and what might happen. Is their dog really as friendly as the owner is saying? Why can’t that owner get their dog back? Is that dog smiling or anxious? Is that commando crawl friendly or fearful?

I understand. It’s a lot.

Sadly we can’t control other peoples dogs and their humans. BUT, we can prepare ourselves and our dogs to deal with those situations.

I always assume the worst when it comes to unknown dog on dog situations (I know, I’m a bit pessimistic sometimes- but I’ve been in this industry a long time), and make sure my dogs (and my clients dogs) have those tools to succeed no matter what the situation.

Knowing your dog will come back under any circumstances (no matter how distracting the untrained Fido in the park is) is worth it’s weight in gold!!

Get training guys. It’s fun. Be part of the 5% club ✌️