Daycare is NOT socialisation

It’s been a year since the last time I posted this, and I think it’s worth saying again.

Hello lovelies, I think there is an important misunderstanding about what socialisation is and isn’t.

Socialisation is something that is super important for our puppies to experience, but many people rush in too fast and cause more harm than good.

Socialisation is not only taking your dog to daycare- it’s so so so much more

I run a daycare and while scheduled play with an expert supervising is important, it’s not the only way to work on socialisation.


✅socialisation is introducing new items/situations/dogs/people slowly

🚫 socialisation isn’t going to Times Square for your dogs first outing

✅ introducing new calm dogs in a slow manner

✅ paying attention to your dogs body language

🚫 don’t overwhelm your puppy

🚫 don’t ignore/punish your puppy if they are scared

✅ reward your puppy often

🚫 ticking off a check list of things to do/see as quickly as possible

✅ working at your puppies pace

✅ engineering safe and secure meetings with other humans and dogs

🚫 don’t put a timeline on progress

✅ make it fun and exciting for your dog

✅ get professional help if you need it/feel lost or overwhelmed

🚫 don’t force your puppy to socialise